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  • Intoduction
    • This desktop application devoloped for driving school to manege their students,paments and examinations.This is very portable softwhere you can run it without pirior installation and you dont whant eny aditional software to run this
  • Features
    • Password protected administration login
    • search student from ID,name
    • Student Registration(with Validation & capcher).
    • Student payments with instalments
    • Student exam dates entry for practical and theory exams with 3 seats
    • List out all student who are not completed their payments.
    • List out students who has exams on certain date
    • Date feild has pop up calender.
    • Displaying the number of article viewed & comments
    • Complete voting system
    • Editing all details and Deleting students
    • Calculating al installment with down payments
    • This is portabal software you can run it even on pen drive