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Cash Express Money Transfer Official Web Site

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  • Technologies
    • PHP
    • Java Script & Jquery
    • HTML
  • Features
    • Two management systems for customer management and transaction management
    • Customer Management System
      • System can maintain for any amount of back office centers(Beneficiary Country)
      • Can create new transactions from three ways (total manual,from customer database,from user orders)
      • Making transactions Hold status / Unhold status
      • Back office can maintan transaction's status as "completed,on proccess,AC wrong,we got,time over,ect.."
      • Maintaining money receiving reports of back offices
      • Showing current money balance in every steps
      • Summerizing transactions total group by banks
      • printing transaction list
      • can get totals of selected transations
      • Editing and Deleteing any transctions(edited transactions converted to "updated" status
      • Editing Profile Details(Advance inline Editing)
      • Adding any amount of beneficiaries and editing
      • Online placing orders
      • See past records of transactions and money receiving
      • Searching previous transactions from beneficiary name,transaction ID or date
      • Genarating Digital invoice(pdf format) and sent it to customer's mail account
    • Order tracker
    • viewing order history all and beneficiary vice
    • Supporting all major browsers (IE,Firefox,Chrome,Opera,Safari...)